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Low Cost Polyhouse Protected Cultivation
Agriculture diversification is seen as one of the biggest sector of employment opportunities for educated youth. Protected agriculture cultivation under polyhouse conditions permit the crop production at the maximum level as per unit area, per unit volume and per unit input basis. The micro-climate control also implies superior quality of produce, free from pathogens, insect bites and chemical residues. The technology of polyhouse is becoming very popular day by day to produce elite planting material of cut flowers, vegetables, medicinal plants, aromatic plants and for conducting farm experiments on a shortest duration of time. HRG got lead in reducing the cost of construction of polyhouse by using local material and help people in designing and fabrication polyhouses of 100m2 through local artisan and material for cultivation of Lilium cut flower. The units were further diversified through cultivation of seasonal vegetables and crops like Coriander keeping in view market demand and season. Farmers were provided with full technology package by making arrangement of planting material, agro technology, market support, linkages to existing schemes of financial support and bank loan generation for Lilium cultivation.