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Fodder Development
Economy of mountain states in India is agrarian and most of its population depends upon agriculture and allied activities like horticulture and cattle rearing. The improved breeds of livestock like cow, buffalo, goat and sheep are available but scientific management in terms of feed, fodder, and insemination and cattle diseases is need of the hour.

HRG took initiatives for cultivation of improved fodder grasses, planting of fodder trees and processing of green fodder through silage making for lean period in winter. Different grasses like Orchard Grass, Ginni Grass, Maize (African Tall) plants of Oak, Rubinia and Celtis were multiplied for distribution to the farmers. Large number of women were trained in silage preparation from green fodder and vegetable residues in polyhtene bags to tide over nutritious fodder scarcity during acute summer and winter seasons. The technology was successfully implemented and farmers reported increase in milk yield, increase in fat content by 0.5 percent and good health of cattle which facilitated in conceiving. Selected number of households were provided with fodder chopper under DST project. This technology is planned to convert available large scale green fodder in to silage to prepare nutritious fodder and reduce women drudgery in drying, collection and stacking of fodder....