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Project Completed
Sr. No. Title Project No. Funding Agency Completed
1Standardization of Agro-Technology of Liliaceae Members of Astavarga Group for Sustainable use in Functional Food Industry. Z.18017/187/CSS/R&D/HP-01-2009-10-NMPB NMPB New Delhi 31-03-2014
2Mainstreaming agrobiodiversity conservation and utilisation in agricultural sector to ensure ecosystem services and reduce vulnerability. Primary Survey of Selected Sites in Himachal Pradesh. LoA No APO14/001dated January 28, 2014 Bioversity International New Delhi. 14-07-2014
3Evaluation of Taxus wallichiana from North Eastern and North Western Indian Himalayas for Selection of Elite Clones for Artificial Propagation. BT/194/NE/TBP/2011 24.5.2012 DBT Govt. of India 30-06-2015
4Technical Expert Advisory Group Meeting of TIME-LEARN Programme. SEED/TISAN-2/004/2010, 25 June 2015 DST Govt. of India 04-07-2015
5Sustainable Harvesting Techniques of NTFP in Rampur Forest Circle in Himachal Pradesh under Forest-PLUS programme of USAID and MoEF&CC, New Delhi. ARD-HRG-1072-1403 Tetra Tech ARC New Delhi (Bilateral Project of MoEFCC and USAID Forest-PLUS) 31-12-2017
6Solar Panel installation and Mushroom Cultivation Training in Kinnaur and Shimla Districts. HM/TRG/SR.MGR/HP/2016-17/-2018 dated December, 16, 2016 HIMCON Shimla 30-04-2017
7Campaign to promote fuel saving technology in the high altitude of Himachal Pradesh. ARD-HRG-1072-1702 Tetra Tech ARC New Delhi (Bilateral Project of MoEFCC and USAID Forest-PLUS) 30-09-2017
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