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Project Completed
Sr. No. Title Project No. Funding Agency Completed
1Development of Fodder Crops in Selected Areas of Himachal Pradesh. SSD/WS/040/2003 DST, Govt. of India. 31-12-2008
2Strengthening Local Livelihood Strategies through Sustainable Development of Tourism and Agriculture in the Sangla Valley, H.P. 25.5.2006 FiBL Switzerland. 31-12-2007
3Popularisation of Floriculture for Economic Upliftment of Marginal Farmers in Mountainous Regions BT/PR7197/SPD/24/110/2006 DST, Govt. of India. 31-10-2009
4Environmental and Economic Up-gradation of SC Hamlets Through Technology Initiatives in H.P. SSD/SCP/050/2005 DST, Govt of India. 31-12-2009
5Popularisation of solar energy use in thermal and lighting requirements of rural households in Himachal Pradesh. SP/RD/0110/2005-RE DST, Govt. of India 31-05-2010
6Commercial Cultivation of Chirata Through Active Participation of Organised Women Groups in Himachal Pradesh. Z.18017/188/Pr.NGO/ HP-01/2007-2008-NMPB NMPB, Govt. of India. 31-03-2011
7Strengthening Livelihood of Scheduled Tribes in Sangla Valley Through Technology Interventions. SP/TSP/077/2007 DST, Govt. of India. 31-10-2011
8Strengthening of Fodder, Feed and Veterinary Services for Women Drudgery Reduction in Himachal Pradesh. SSD/WS/014/2008 DST, Govt. of India. 31-03-2012
9Strengthening of Improved Fodder Cultivation and Silage Making in Selected Blocks of District Mandi in H.P. NABARD, NB.HPRO/TSD/FTTF/1094/2012-2013 NABARD Shimla 30-12-2013
10DST Core Support 1st Phase. SP/RD/052/ 2003 DST, Govt. of India. 31-03-2013
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