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Project Completed
Sr. No. Title Project No. Funding Agency Completed
1Studies on Threatening Root Rot Disease of Cedrus deodara. GBPI/IERP/99-2000/08/282 GBPIHED, Almora. 31-10-2005
2Vermicompost technology training and demonstration for Self Help Groups (SHG) in different Blocks of H.P. DBT Tech. (18)/2004-3696 DBT Govt. of H.P. 31-08-2005
3Cultivation of High Value Crops for Socio-Economic Upliftment of Rural People in Himachal Pradesh. SP/RD/045 DST, Govt. of India. 30-11-2005
4Popularisation and Extension of Vermicompost Biotechnology in Rural Areas of Himachal Pradesh. BT/PR 3009/SPD/11/274/2002 DBT, Govt. of India. 14-03-2006
5Cultivation of Medicinal Plants in Chachiot Block of District Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. No. HP-7/NGO/2003 National Medicinal Plants Board, New Delhi. 30-05-2005
6Preparation of State of Art Report in the Area of Polyhouse Protected Cultivation Technology. SSD/WS/045/2003 DST, Govt. of India. 31-03-2007
7Studies on Development of biological Control for White Root Rot Disease of Apple. SP/YO/020/2003 DST, Govt. of India. 31-03-2007
8Role of Vermicompost in Soil Improvement and Crop Production in Himachal Pradesh. SP/YO/026/2004 DST, Govt. of India. 30-11-2006
9Sensitization Workshop for Science Post Graduates about DST Young Scientist Programme. SP/YO/001/2006 DST, Govt. of India. 27-04-2007
10Development of Biotechnology Clusters for Employment Generation in rural Areas of Himachal Pradesh. BT/PR4596/SPD/11/547/2004 DBT, Govt of India. 31-12-2007
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