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Project Completed
Sr. No. Title Project No. Funding Agency Completed
1Studies on Mycorrhizal Biotechnology of High Altitude Himalayan Conifer- Taxus baccata. GBPI/IERP/97-98/04/670 GBPIHED, Almora. 15-04-2002
2CCV-Fellowship. CON/CCV/99 WWF, India New Delhi. 31-03-2000
3Studies on Non-Conventional Edible Mushrooms of N.W. Himalayas. SSP/RD/037/97 DST, Govt. of India 31-08-2002
4Short Training on Artificial Regeneration of Taxus baccata Through Rooted Cuttings. ---------- H.P. Forest Department, Shimla. 30-06-2000
5Brain Storming Workshop Biobusiness for Entrepreneurships and Employment Genration. ---------- Govt. of H.P. Shimla. 20-08-2001
6Setting up of South Asia Regional Office of Medicinal Plants Specialised Group (MPSG) IND 0029-11/01-51 Winrock International New Delhi. 30-11-2003
7Mushroom Cultivation Training for Economic Upliftment of Rural Women in Hilly Areas of Himachal Pradesh. SSD/WS/044/98 DST Govt. of India. 30-05-2005
8All India Coordinated Programme on Organic Cultivation and Semi-Processing of High Value Medicinal Plants by Women in Himachal Pradesh. SSD/WS/024 DST, Govt. of India. 30-09-2004
9Empowerment of Rural Poor Women in Lag Valley, Kullu District Himachal Pradesh. IND-01/312 HP The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, New Delhi. 30-11-2004
10Studies on Fungal Endophytes of Important Medicinal Plants. BT/PR 2665/PBD/17/146/2001 DBT, Govt of India PDF. 30-04-2005
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