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Research & Development

Fungal endophytes and bioactive compounds:
Isolation and identification of fungal endophytes of important Himalayan medicinal plants.
Fungi secreting Taxol and Azadirachtin isolated form T. wallichiana and Neem trees.
Pilot scale bioreactor trial planned for production of Taxol in collaboration with IHBT Palampur.
Study of forest diseases:
Disease diagnosis and chemical control for root rot disease of Cedrus deodara.
Horticulture pathology:
Biocontrol for white root rot disease of Apple is in the process of development.

The programmes have been broadly divided into conservation, livelihood development, community organization and research & development. All these activities have been supported by different national and international funding agencies. HRG has a well equipped research lab and office at Shimla. The field activities are carried out through its regional centre at Mandi.
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Himalayan Research Group (HRG)
Core Group, Department of Science & Technology
      (Govt. of India)
Umesh Bhawan, Chotta Shimla, Shimla-171002 H.P. (India)