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Project Completed
Title Duration Funding Agency
1. Studies on Mycorrhizal Biotechnology of High Altitude Himalayan Conifer- Taxus baccata. 16.4.1998-15.4.2002 GBPIHED, Almora.
2. Studies on Non-Conventional Edible Mushrooms of N.W. Himalayas. 1.3.1999-31.8.2002 DST, Govt. of India
3. Short Training on Artificial Regeneration of Taxus baccata Through Rooted Cuttings. 30.6.2000 H.P. Forest Department, Shimla.
4. Setting up of South Asia Regional Office of Medicinal Plants Specialised Group (MPSG) 1.12.2001-30.11.2003 Winrock International New Delhi.
5. Mushroom Cultivation Training for Economic Upliftment of Rural Women in Hilly Areas of Himachal Pradesh. 1.6.2000-30.5.2004 DST Govt. of India.
6. All India Coordinated Programme on Organic Cultivation and Semi-Processing of High Value Medicinal Plants by Women in Himachal Pradesh. 1.10.2000-30.9.2004 DST, Govt. of India.
7. Empowerment of Rural Poor Women in Lag Valley, Kullu District Himachal Pradesh. 1.12.2001-30.11.2004 The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, New Delhi.
8. Studies on Fungal Endophytes of Important Medicinal Plants. 1.5.2002-31.4.2005 DBT, Govt of India PDF.
9. Studies on Threatening Root Rot Disease of Cedrus deodara. 1.11.2002-31-10.2005 GBPIHED, Almora.
10. Vermicompost technology training and demonstration for Self Help Groups (SHG) in different Blocks of H.P. DBT Govt. of H.P.
11. Cultivation of High Value Crops for Socio-Economic Upliftment of Rural People in Himachal Pradesh. 1.12.2002-30.11.2005 DST, Govt. of India.
12. Popularisation and Extension of Vermicompost Biotechnology in Rural Areas of Himachal Pradesh. 15.3.2003-14.3.2006 DBT, Govt. of India.
13. Cultivation of Medicinal Plants in Chachiot Block of District Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. 1.6.2003-30.5.2006 National Medicinal Plants Board, New Delhi.
14. Preparation of State of Art Report in the Area of Polyhouse Protected Cultivation Technology. 1.5.2005-31.3.2007 DST, Govt. of India.
15. Studies on Development of biological Control for White Root Rot Disease of Apple. 1.4.2004-31.3.2007 DST, Govt. of India.
16. Role of Vermicompost in Soil Improvement and Crop Production in Himachal Pradesh. 1.12.2005-30.11.2006 DST, Govt. of India.
17. Role of Vermicompost in Soil Improvement and Crop Production in Himachal Pradesh. 1.9.2005-31.8.2007 DST, Govt. of India.
18. Sensitization Workshop for Science Post Graduates about DST Young Scientist Programme. 3 workshops (One day each) 24,25,27 April 2007 DST, Govt. of India.
19. Development of Biotechnology Clusters for Employment Generation in rural Areas of Himachal Pradesh. 1.1.2005-31.12.2007 DBT, Govt of India.
20. Development of Fodder Crops in Selected Areas of Himachal Pradesh. 1.1.2005-31.12.2007 DST, Govt. of India.
21. Strengthening Local Livelihood Strategies through Sustainable Development of Tourism and Agriculture in the Sangla Valley, H.P. 1.8.2006-31.7.2007 FiBL Switzerland.
22. Popularisation of solar energy use in thermal and lighting requirements of rural households in Himachal Pradesh. 1.12.2007-31.5.2010 DST, Govt. of India.
23. Popularisation of Floriculture for Economic Upliftment of Marginal Farmers in Mountainous Regions. 1.11.2006-31.10.2009 DBT, Govt of India.
24. Environmental and Economic Up-gradation of SC Hamlets Through Technology Initiatives in H.P. 1.1.2007-31.12.2009 DST, Govt. of India.
25. Commercial Cultivation of Chirata Through Active Participation of Organised Women Groups in Himachal Pradesh. 1.4.2008-31.3.2011 NMPB, Govt. of India.
26. Strengthening Livelihood of Scheduled Tribes in Sangla Valley Through Technology Interventions. 1.11.2008-31.10.2011 DST, Govt. of India.
27. Strengthening of Fodder, Feed and Veterinary Services for Women Drudgery Reduction in Himachal Pradesh. 1.4.2009-31.3.2012 DST, Govt. of India.

The programmes have been broadly divided into conservation, livelihood development, community organization and research & development. All these activities have been supported by different national and international funding agencies. HRG has a well equipped research lab and office at Shimla. The field activities are carried out through its regional centre at Mandi.
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